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How Online Portals are Revolutionizing Property Management

It goes without saying that consistent communication is integral in helping to maintain transparency between tenants, homeowners and property managers. As an interdependent ecosystem that functions off of tenant and property owner satisfaction, many communities rely on online portals to help facilitate communication between all parties on-site and online. From relaying important updates to submitting maintenance requests or paying rent, these active online resources are paramount to the overall happiness and satisfaction of on-site staff, residents and homeowners. 

Even prior to Covid19, online communication was earning preference among residents looking to fulfill their tenant obligations as seamlessly as possible.  With communication beginning to shift to a more offline environment, these portals offered a long-overdue convenience to assist properties, tenants and owners. As states continue to enforce strict social distancing regulations, online portals have served as a valuable resource to help property managers maintain operations. From paying rent, to signing lease agreements, these tools are playing a significant role in facilitating the tenant/landlord relationship amidst limited in-person contact.  

Online portals continue to set precedence among property management companies who rely on these conduits to relay information on a regular basis. In a world governed by technology, providing a resource to securely access relevant information can help to prevent miscommunication as well as enable a seamless relationship between tenant and owner.  From maintenance requests to community updates, online portals serve as a reliable engagement tool for property managers looking to enhance the rental experience without compromising the security of tenants and property owners. 

As a tech-enabled property management company, FYVE’s commitment to client satisfaction has fueled the development of an industry leading tool that’s revolutionizing the relationship between communities, owners and tenants. With an emphasis on a more elevated living experience, residents and property owners can securely access information through an intuitive app found on their mobile device. By leveraging a sophisticated mobile technology, FYVE’s owner app and tenant/resident portal is leading the way in elevated property management and living standards. 

As the first tech-enabled and fully digitally native brand in property management, FYVE’s owner and tenant/resident app is an exceptional display of innovation and commitment to elevating the living experience. As we continue to lead the way in exceptional service, we look forward to leading a new and improved  standard of property management that will serve as a benefit for tenants, owners and buildings.  

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