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FYVE is redefining real estate by offering unrivaled property management services to communities, buildings, owners, residents and tenants. With a full suite of exceptional services, we’re proud to offer our clients a streamlined solution that combines intuitive technology and local expertise. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to elevate the real estate experience, we stand by our promise to provide a level of transparency that has been long neglected by the market.

The FYVE brand has a rich backstory and based on the Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s manifesto titled the “Five Points of Architecture.” He famously called a house a machine for living and described how real-estate should optimally serve those that occupy and interact with it. Our brand FYVE is expanding that principal and our company itself will be a “machine for living” that helps everyone in our ecosystem live better, both owners, residents, and employees.

For our property owners, we offer a full suite of management services to help you get the most value out of your property, without you having to lift a finger. Whether you own a charming condominium or a 100+ unit apartment building, we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of renting in order to turn a significant profit. With over 47,000 renters and property owners served, we understand how to fill your home with quality tenants and get you the highest possible return on investment.

With services that extend into community management, our mission is to better the quality of life for residents and enhance property values through diligent and constructive management of the Association. Our executive team along with your community’s designated manager are readily available to assist Board Members and homeowners alike with any matters related to the community. With 24-hour on-call service, you can rely on real-time support to ensure after-hour emergencies are immediately addressed.

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