The Impact of Covid19 and Property Management

In an effort to navigate the impact of Covid19, property management companies have introduced new ways to facilitate operations that benefit both tenants, owners and internal staff.  From virtual leasing to digital tours conducted over various video platforms, numerous shifts have become necessary to help preserve the integrity of an industry that’s relied traditionally on in-person communication.


Virtual Tours 

Increased regulations around social distancing have largely affected the way in which in-person tours are conducted. While tours are typically conducted on-site, adjustments have been made to fulfill tenants’ requests to see their potential home prior to signing a lease. By leveraging video tours and sophisticated 3D floor plans to increase visibility, virtual tours have become the industry standard for showcasing homes and apartments to prospective tenants.


Virtual Leasing + Payments Options

To help mitigate the spread of Covid19, as well as ensure the safety and wellbeing of tenants and on-site staff, many property management companies are expanding options for tenants to pay rent. From online payments to extended grace periods, this heightened flexibility allows tenants to safely pay their rent without compromising their own health or that of the staff. 


Communication is Key 

During such uncertain times, it’s never been more important to maintain consistent communication to relay internal safety measures, updated protocols and other rapidly changing information. By offering a clear and open line of communication, community residents, owners and property staff can feel confident that management is diligently addressing issues and implementing solutions in a timely manner.  


Increased Safety Measures When Fulfilling Maintenance Requests

In an effort to preserve the safety and wellbeing of tenants and staff, new guidelines have been implemented around entering a home to fulfill maintenance requests. From ensuring the proper social distance to wearing a face mask, communicating these updated protocols is important in letting residents know what measures are being taken to complete their requests. 


Manage Expectations

With information changing on a daily basis, it’s essential that management has the most up-to-date laws, notices and other government guidelines on a state, city and county level. From rent forgiveness to eviction protocols, communicating these directives with staff and community members will help to alleviate miscommunication and offer insight into how various issues are being handled. This is also an opportunity for management to address any new protocols such as longer than usual wait times to fulfill maintenance requests, updated ordinances for rent collection and other integral policies that may have shifted due to increased safety measures and local laws. 


The FYVE Promise

FYVE is committed to developing new protocols that help to preserve the premier level of service delivered to all of our clients.  We recognize that few, if any, aspects of our lives have been left unaffected, which is why we’re continually adapting to this every-changing landscape in an effort to protect tenants, owners and on-site property staff at all times. 

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